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bobbys beard


I first read about the composer Giuseppie Tartini sometime around the late 90's. I don't remember how or why I came about him, or him to me. The story I was reading told the unlikely origins of his work "The Devils Trill". It caught my attention not just because of the absurdity of his story, but that it bore some resemblance to what was happening to me at the time and continues to this day. Tartini described the devil arriving during a dream and offering to write him a tune in exchange for his soul. He then set about playing a song so beautiful, Tartini claimed it took his breath away and he immediately awoke to set about putting as much as he could remember to paper.
I have always dreamt music for as far back as I have memory, but Paper Faces was the first I ever decided to jump out of bed and record before the melody was lost to the morning; largely due to the fact I had no interest in composing and possessed nothing to record with before my late teens. Much like Tartini, the songs of my dreams always seem to have a sinister, ethereal beauty to them that I've never been able to replicate. The composers of the songs, rather than attributing their music to the devil, I have always referred to them as Paper Faces. Nearly all of the songs on this record can be traced back to my sleep.
To quote my old friend Leonardo da Vinci, "Art is never finished, only abandoned". This EP is the remnants of that difficult second album that never came to be, so I've tagged on the demos for completion, fun, intrigue, whatever. Consider it an exorcism of the devils that wrote it and fingers crossed they will now allow me to sleep in peace. BB

During the long cold summer of 07, Bobby had been listening a lot to some of the big productions of the mid 60’s. Phil Spector, Kurt Boettcher and there’s no denying he'd had an unhealthy interest in the music of the Beach Boys for some years.
He’d acquired a CD of Brian Wilson sat inside a piano banging away at the strings with a hammer, whilst someone tried to hit the right notes on the keys to find just that right tone. 'There’s a perverse satisfaction to know that somewhere in the mix, this is happening. I’m a nerd.' said Bobby
The experiments ended with the recording of an EP named “Valerie”. The title song inspired by a robot woman you can still buy on the internet a leg or arm at a time, assuming you’re a crazy millionaire. The manufacturer is keen to point out that Valerie is not able to perform the roles of a real life wife or girlfriend and rightly so.
'Encouraged by the reaction to the EP,' said Bobby 'I decided to finish the project, lured by the prospect of releasing a real album on a label I had been following since it launched and so shut myself away in the spare room for seven days without food or sleep, listening over and over to those sessions of Mr Wilson sat inside his piano making sounds no one would ever notice and emerged bearded and smelly, clutching what is now bobbys beard.'


paper faces

digital ep (2016)

1. Paper Faces
2. These Things And More
3. Doris Has Her Day
4. Is She For Real

Six demo tracks (available through bandcamp bonus download)
5. My Georgia Sunrise
6. Paper Faces Demo
7. These Things And More Demo
8. Doris Has Her Day Demo
9. Tribute to Joe Meek Demo
10. Sunshine Demo

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bobbys beard

cd album (2009)

9 tracks, titles unknown

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